How to Tell If My Dog is Pregnant

How to tell if my dog is pregnant is the most asked query when the owner has a female dog. You as a dog owner may notice some of the minor or major behavioral and physical changes in your dog. Moreover, you should be aware that if your dog is pregnant, to provide her proper diet and care.

In case if you are finding the answer for “how to tell if my dog is pregnant”, then you are at the right place. There is a complete guide to ensure that if your dog is going to give good news. Keep yourself engaged with the article and know the symptoms of dog pregnancy. All of them are easy to notice, without wasting time, let’s jump to the signs.

These are some symptoms to know that if your dog is pregnant or not. If any of these symptoms is present in your dog, give her proper care and medication. Decreased Activity

If your female dog is becoming exhausted and giving more time to napping, congratulations, she is maybe pregnant. For the dogs that are much energetic in normal routines, and shows the sudden decrease in activities, take it seriously. While noticing any change in the lazy dogs who just enjoy snoozing all day. If the second case is true, then pay some closer attention to the other behaviors as well to identify if there is good news or not. Changes in Appetite

In answering the question, how to tell if my dog is pregnant, and the next point to consider is change in appetite. A pregnant dog’s appetite shows the fluctuations in several ways, depending on the month of the pregnancy. For instance, in the early stage, she may consume less food and may vomit occasionally. There is a possibility that she starts eating more and shows the moody behavior for some foods. These fluctuations are due to the change in hormones.

buy generic plan b one step online  Unusual Behavior

If your dog is pregnant, then you will notice some specific changes in her behavior. She may seek your attention and comfort in your lap. Moreover, the pregnant dog start spending most of the time with the owner and want the constant care. While on the other hand, some of the pregnant dogs want the complete isolation and want no one to bother them. Moreover, depression or irritable behavior can also be noticed in the pregnant dogs.

neurontin 900 mg day Enlarged or Discolored Nipples

The above-mentioned signs of knowing how to tell if my dog is pregnant can be confusing while noticing. Enlarged or discolored nipples are the clear and most prominent symptoms that your dog is pregnant. In the pregnancy, the nipples of the dog become large than the normal size which is the early sign of motherhood. While mentioning the color, the nipples turn red in color, which reflects the pregnancy in the dog.

Weight Gain and Enlarged Abdomen

As the little dogs develop, your dog’s midsection will extend in size. This is a clear point of the dog’s pregnancy in case if there is no other reason of increased weight. Notwithstanding, extending of the mid-region happens moderately late into your dog’s pregnancy, implying that on the off chance that you notice this sign, alongside others, it’s an ideal opportunity to take her to the vet.

Nesting Behaviors

In some weeks of the pregnancy, you will notice that the dog starts preparing for the nest. They collect the smooth and comfortable stuff for making a nest. Moreover, she becomes irritable and reclusive in these weeks so keep your children away from her. She can harm humans in these weeks because she may feel threatened for her about to born babies.

Care of your pregnant dog

After knowing the complete answer of how to tell if my dog is pregnant, the next step is the proper dog care. For this purpose, some of the tips are mentioned in the blog. Read them carefully and try to follow these simple tips

Consult the doctor

Soon after noticing the change in behavioral and physical change, consult the vet and ask about the crucial medications. After the proper checkup, the doctor will tell you about the stage of pregnancy along with the precautions.

Provide healthy diet

Additionally, ask the diet from the pet doctor or search it over the internet. Bring the healthy food for your pregnant dog. Keep in mind to avoid the food from which your dog is allergic. Moreover, add nutrition and supplements to your diet for a smooth pregnancy.

Spend more time with your pregnant dog

In pregnancy, dogs love to spend time with the owner because it’s soothing and a source of relaxation for it. Give proper attention and let her sleep in your lap, this will help your dog to calm down. However, if your dog is showing irritated behavior, leave her alone for some time until she calms down.


Dogs are pregnant for around 63 days, which is estimated from the day that they ovulate (discharge their eggs) to the day that their doggies are conceived. Like individuals, dogs get the pregnancy for the  21 days in length.

Know the answer to How to tell if my dog is pregnant by noticing the symptoms. The signs of pregnancy include nesting behavior, isolation, and as well as excess sleep. Sometimes, there can be a loss of appetite and as well as, increase in the appetite depending on the stage of pregnancy. Moreover, a sudden decrease in the activities of the dog can also be a sign that your dog is pregnant.

Once you got the answer to “How to tell if my dog is pregnant”, the next step is to learn about their care. In the weeks of pregnancy, it’s crucial to take care of your dog’s diet. Keep her active and try keeping her calm. It is worth mentioning that giving time to your dog when she is pregnant is crucial so that she will not feel ignored or alone.

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