Urdu Novels

What are Urdu Novels

What are Novels ?

Al Minyā Novel means new and different from what has been known before. It is a long written story usually about imaginary characters and events. The Novel brings happiness in our lives. Mostly women read novels on a daily basis. People are interested in reading Urdu Novels in all over the World. There are too many novels in the World with many languages.

What are Urdu Novels

Pakistani Urdu Novels

Urdu is National language of Pakistan. So, Urdu Novels are mostly read in Pakistan. Other countries also like to read Urdu Novels. Actually Pakistani Urdu Novels well known all over the world. There is too much intensity in it. In Pakistan, women like to read http://peternakdombamerino.aqiqahamr.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://peternakdombamerino.aqiqahamr.com/produk/domba-texel-jantan-3-bulan/ Romantic Pakistani Urdu Novels. Romantic Pakistani Urdu Novels are about romance and love which girls like the most. Many novels are mostly about real life stories so people get engaged while reading. Novels change our lives or change the way of life. If we read Pakistani Urdu Novels with intensity then we can understand its importance. There is too much for us in the novels. Many novels give us many lessons and morals. Many television viewers like the Novels so much. We can see many Dramas fans around us when they are worried about upcoming episode. They are all talking about that Drama.

Urdu Novels Familiarity

In Pakistan many house ladies used to watch Drama daily on television. In my opinion they are the actual fan of Pakistani Urdu Novels. Some drama’s story is mostly matched to their actual lives. That’s why they instantly found themselves engaged in it. The television audience is increasing day by day. Pakistani Urdu Novels have a great impact on television viewers. Mostly people use to read Pakistani Urdu Novels daily on the internet. They read online Pakistani Urdu Novels. They spend a lot of time there. In this way they are enjoying themselves. Actually, every person has a hobby to amuse himself in spare time. House ladies, girls and other people who get some spare time, just start reading Pakistani Urdu Novels. In fact Reading Pakistani Urdu Novels are also a hobby. People feel relaxed while reading these novels. When they are reading, they just enter into another world. They forget all their problems in life and worries, feel all characters in Novels and they think that story belongs to them. And we see many times people with tears while reading novels.

Urdu Novels in Our Life

It is the truth that novels change lives. There are many people who changed their way of lives after reading novels. Pakistani Urdu Novels are the great platform for readers. We can see people around us who are mad for reading novels. They just want to have some spare time to read Pakistani Urdu Novels. We can see many people buying Urdu Novel books at shops. Whenever a new episode comes, there start gossiping among the people. Mostly women caught talking about Pakistani Urdu Novels. Anyone can see the expressions on their faces while talking about novels.

Mostly Pakistani Urdu Novels are written about real stories of people. We can see many dramas which are based upon real people’s stories. When we came to know that this story was based upon a real life story, then it brings us another feeling for the characters in the story. We feel love for them and start thinking about them that why this happened to them? Or   how strong they are?  Or how could they survive in those circumstances? That is the thing which made us so strong. Then we found ourselves in a better position and thanked Allah for blessing us with this beautiful life. These Pakistani Urdu Novels make us creative and strong in our lives. We become ready to face any problem in our lives like the characters in novels. If someone found himself in any trouble or worry then he/she just remember that story and face that problem. That’s the thing which made us strong.

Pakistani Writers

There is too much talent in our Pakistani Writers. They write Novels with too much intensity. That is why everybody likes novel. There are many talented Novelists who just made their history of writing. They wrote Novels, stories, digests and dramas. Many Pakistani Writers are popular all over the World. Pakistani writers also liked by the Indians. They are much interested in our novels and writers. Most Pakistani Urdu Novels are by female Novelists.

Some Famous Pakistani Writer’s of;

  1. Umera Ahmed
  2. Nimra Ahmed
  3. A Hameed
  4. Rukhsana Nigar Adnan
  5. Saima Akram Choudhary
  6. Shagufta Parveen
  7. Shazia Choudhari
  8. Nighat Abdullah
  9. Abida Narjis
  10. Aasia Razzaqi
  11. Afshan Afridi
  12. Ahmad Iqbal
  13. Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi
  14. Alia Bukhari
  15. Alia Hira
  16. Amjad Javed
  17. Asia Mirza
  18. Iqra Sagheer Ahmed
  19. Ishtiaq Ahmed
  20. Kishwer Baqar
  21. Nabila Aziz
  22. Nagi ba
  23. Saira Arif
  24. Salma Kanwal
  25. Samra Bukhari
  26. Sarfraz Ahmed Rahi
  27. Sarwar Alam Raz Sarwar
  28. Sehrish Fatima
  29. Shafeeq ur Rehman
  30. Shauqat Siddiqui
  31. Amtal Aziz
  32. Siddiq Salik
  33. Sumera Sharif Toor
  34. Surraya Sahab
  35. Syeda Gul Bano
  36. Tariq Ismail Sagar
  37. Umme Maryam

And much more Novelists………..

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