Top Pakistani Urdu Novels List Pdf Download

Novel means new and different from what has been known before. It is a long written story usually about imaginary characters and events.rdu is National language of Pakistan. So, Top Urdu Novels List are mostly read in Pakistan. Other countries also like to read Top Urdu Novels List. Actually Top Pakistani Urdu Novels List well known all over the world. There is too much intensity in it. In Pakistan, women like to read Romantic Pakistani Urdu Novels.Novels have a great impact on television viewers. Mostly people use to read Pakistani Urdu Novels daily on the internet. They read online Top Pakistani Urdu Novels List.

Top Pakistani Urdu Novels List

They spend a lot of time there. In this way they are enjoying themselves. Actually, every person has a hobby to amuse himself in spare time. House ladies, girls and other people who get some spare time, just start reading Pakistani Urdu Novels. In fact Reading Pakistani Urdu Novels List is also a hobby.

Mostly Pakistani Urdu Novels are written about real stories of people. We can see many dramas which are based upon real people’s stories. When we came to know that this story was based upon a real life story, then it brings us another feeling for the characters in the story.

There are many Top urdu novels in history but some urdu novels are top urdu novels list all the time. we have top urdu novels list here. You can download and read online easily.


Top Pakistani Urdu Novels List

  1. Peer-e-Kamil By Umera Ahmed
  2. Aab e Hayat By Umera Ahmed
  3. Devta By By Mohiuddin Nawab
  4. Humsafar By Farhat Ishtiaq
  5. Raja Gidh by Bano Qudsia
  6. Bin Roye Ansoo By Farhat Ishtiaq
  7. Mata-e-Jaan Hai Tu by Farhat Ishtiaq
  8. Shehr e Zaat by Umera Ahmed
  9. Dayar e Dil by Farhat Ishtiaq
  10. Namal By Nimra Ahmed
  11. Jannat K Pattay By Nimra Ahmed
  12. Shaheen By Naseem Hijazi

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