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Nimra Ahmed

Nimra Ahmed is a famous Writer. She is much popular in Pakistan. Urdu Novel readers in Pakistan know her fame well. She is the lady who inspires every single girl in Pakistan to become creative like her. A girl got rights to live her life as she wish.

nimra Ahmed
Well, Nimra Ahmed is a courageous woman who got a chance to show the world her creative ability.

Nimra Ahmed’s Career ;

When Nimra Ahmed published her first Urdu Novel in Khawateen Digest. After reading it readers thought that there is a relation between Nimra Ahmed and Umera Ahmed. And they were considering them siblings. But they are not sisters.
Her first Urdu Novel became popular and well celebrated. Nimra Ahmed enjoyed an honorable fame in Urdu literature. She was the writer with new and creative ideas, inspired her readers with her new ideas and became popular among peoples in no time. She writes so well. When readers read her novels.They suddenly engaged in it. They like the way of her writing Urdu Novels. After reading her novel everybody become so anxious about her upcoming Urdu novel. They search it on the internet and asked for their relatives and friends who are also anxious for her novel. Her Urdu Novel leaves a great impact on their thoughts.

Nimra Ahmed’s Familiarity ;

When readers read her Urdu Novel, they think that this role which is playing in this novel is similar to their real life story. Suddenly they get much interested in novel and start to read that Urdu Novel very carefully. That is the thing in her novel that attracts everybody towards her Urdu novel.
There are many women writers in Pakistan. Competition is hard in this field. It was a really tough thing for Nimra Ahmed to being famous, but she made it possible by hard working and creative. Nimra believes in fairy tales and her theory of writing is based upon love and strength. She has no place to support the emotions and sentimentality.
Nimra Ahmed satisfied her readers in a recent interview. She talked about her ongoing Urdu Novel ‘Jannat K Patay’. She published it in Khawateen Digest . It is a romantic story and it gives social awareness of man, which he faces in the ups and down in his life if he is responsible for it or not. In that discussion Nimra Ahmed talked about Islam. Nimra Ahmed told the importance of ‘Hijaab’. She took ‘Hijaab’ as the theme of a fiction novel. We can see her love for Islam with that. She always comes with something new. She satisfies her novel readers well. When her novel ‘Jannat K Patay’ published, Readers liked it so much. They showed their interest in novel. Everybody was talking about ‘Jannat K Patay’.

Nimra Ahmed’s Famous Novels Lists ;

Namal (continue…..)
Jannat Ke Pattay
Karakoram Ka Taj Mahal
Pahari Ka Qaidi
Sans Sakin Thi
Wo Maira Ha

All Urdu Novels by Nimra Ahmed have a great importance because there is no mirror image in her novels. The characters Nimra Ahmed used to insert in these novels are so amazing that attracts everybody towards them.


  1. Yeah well said … m also inspire of nimra’s novel even though m student of msc botny but i just managd my time to read nimra’s writing she is simply very amazing .

  2. Jannat k pattay is the bestest novel…..I have fall in love with jihan

  3. Jannat k pattay is the bestest novel…..

  4. yes jannat k pattay is the the best novel i ever read, and about nimra mam no words describe her writing way she is just tremendous,

  5. My most favourite novelist i love all of your writtings

  6. Namal is my favourite novel
    It is amazzzinngggg novel you should read it..
    Nimra you are best writer..

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